quinta-feira, abril 05, 2007

AXE / Babe On Board

Ação criada em 2002 pela agência BBH de Cingapura para a marca de desodorante AXE. Os tradicionais avisos "Babe on Board" (Bebê a Bordo) que são afixados em automóveis ganharam a providencial e maliciosa assinatura "The AXE Effect".

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If you are a novice gambler you probably haven’t heard the term but professional bettors who earn their livelihood from sports betting use the method all the time taking advantage of the variance in odds from the opinions of the diverse number of bookmakers. Even though it sounds as if it is a no risk situation that may not always be the case and there some issues that can cause you to lose.

One key thing to remember when you are seeking out the best sports betting odds is that the best odds and the best sports bookmaker are not necessarily one and the same.
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The Martingale System is probably the most famous sports betting system on the planet and actually has nothing to do with choosing the winner of an event but is more concerned with the right odds and money lines. It seems that the gist of the system is that it looks at the statistical probabilities of how many times in a row one may lose and is put into action by placing a bet and then betting again if you win.

In the preceding part of this discourse I concluded that (a) the greatest hazard for you as a typical, well-balanced sports Bettor is that you may continually lose more than you win and thereby regularly exhaust your betting funds, and (b) to thoroughly analyse the likelihood of that happening you need to properly address the following questions:

(i) What things could possibly go wrong that would cause you harm?
(ii) How likely is it that those things will go wrong for you?

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Where did that harbinger of doom, the missing 0.5% of handle go? Our best guess is that you'll find that, and much more, going to the enterprising non-pool race and sports books that have cropped up to better serve today's horse racing fans. Most of these on-line books offer full track odds, signup bonuses, cash back on wagers, and give refunds for scratches, instead of forcing the bet to the track favorite. Oh, and did we mention that most don't impose taxes of any sort on winnings.
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In the United Kingdom, there are races that involve obstacles (either hurdles or fences) called National Hunt racing and those that are unobstructed races over a given distance (flat racing). The UK has provided many of the sport's greatest ever jockeys, most notably Gordon Richards.

Some of horse racing's most legendary names failed to capture this event. Man o' War managed only 2 out of the 3 legs (did not start in the Kentucky Derby); Seabiscuit, after losing 17 straight races as a two year old wasn't even considered (although he did later beat 1937's Triple Crown winner, War Admiral in a match race); Cigar never competed, starting his great winning streak late in his fourth year.

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Barbaro with Edgar Prado on board has won all 6 of his lifetime starts, 4 of his wins in 2006 and all at distances of a mile or more (his first 3 races were on the turf). Barbaro will be the odds on favorite for the Preakness. Gone are the double digit returns when we picked him for the Derby so most of us are left looking for horses to combine him with for the exacta, trifecta and superfecta wagers. Even though we want to see him win, at the probable scant return for a win, one must look to see if there's a horse in the field that can best him.

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Finding the right sports books and bookmakers to use for your arbitrage sports betting can be a daunting task with the internet now they are everywhere. The list of crooked bookmaking sites that have helped part people with their money and robbed them of their winnings grows longer every day. Being enlightened about this all sports bettors should do their due diligence before signing up with any bookmaker and be sure of their reputation as well as their guarantees on return of winnings. Almost all sports betting sites will have reviews so read them before making your decision on which one you go with.

The best sports betting odds are in actuality just numbers, they may be an ever changing set of numbers but just numbers nonetheless. There are many different factors involved in the computation of not the least of which is the number of bettors placing bets on one team. If a bookie sees this happening he will give the team that is dentified as the loser more points and take points from the team deemed the winning team.
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The Paroli System, of all the famed sports betting systems, is thought to be opposite that of Martingale. Where the difference lies is on the scheme that with the Paroli System, you start with one wager and then up the wager when you win rather than with a loss. This system lets the profit run and cut short the losses, which makes it appealing due to the fact that you don’t have to have a lot of money to be able to use it effectively.

And finally, in the first article in this series I mentioned being honest with yourself, because one of the biggest lies I have found that a tremendous number of Bettors are guilty of is denying to themselves how many times their Base Bank has been busted! If you too are guilty of this, please remember that until you face up to the truth with the determination to do something about it, you can't expect to turn the situation round in your favour.

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Even worse, the final was to be held at the Bernabeu Stadium this year. [url=http://www.pulsebet.com]real madrid official site[/url] Real Madrid maintains their fight for the title of the Spanish League after beating Real Zaragoza in an anguishing match, 2-1 this past Saturday. Real Zaragoza, which played the second half with ten players due to the expulsion of the Italian midfielder, Matteo Contini, were close to making a draw. However, a great goal from Kaka at minute 82 gave the Meringues the victory and moved them closer to Barcelona in the top spot by one point. Barcelona also took a victory after beating Xerez 3-1, leading with 87 points.
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Ahead by one, Real Madrid controlled the ball on both ends of the field; Espanyol was left behind the ball without ideas. Even when the team managed to recover the ball, the players didn’t know what to do with it. Espanyol’s ineptitude helped Pellegrini’s men enjoy a wonderful half hour, during which they played how they wanted, when they wanted, and where they wanted. [url=http://www.pulsebet.com]ricardo kaka[/url] Real Madrid’s second goal came as a penalty after Marcelo Vieira Da Silva’s cross hit the Villareal full-back Angel Lopez in the arm. Kaka took over the penalty and converted, giving Real Madrid its final point for the game. Cristiano Ronaldo had other opportunities, but he failed to settle, and Real Madrid took the game 2-0.

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[url=http://www.bingokisses.com]bingo[/url] play bingo There are 75 balls in all with numbering from one to 75. Hence, the probability of any random number to come in the first draw is 1/75. There are three accepted tests for assuring randomness of the balls. These are:
o Numbers ending in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, etc. are in equal proportions.
o High and low numbers occur in equal balances.
o Odd and even numbers occur in equal balances.
Bingo is a fantastic game and is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet, our advice is to have fun and be safe, we wish you all the luck in the world with your bingo playing, thanks for reading.
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In bingo, each player will get a sheet, which has six cards with a total of 90 numbers. On each one of these bingo cards, you will find 27 spaces grouped in 9 columns x 3 rows format. Each number is unduplicated; hence, it will not be repeated anywhere else in the sheet.

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